Handled The Ball

Handled the ball is one of the ten methods of dismissing a batsman in the sport of cricket. It dictates that either batsman can be given out if they intentionally touch the ball with a hand that is not holding their bat. An exception is given for if the batsman handles the ball to avoid injury. It is governed by Law 33 of the laws of cricket, and is a rare way for a batsman to be dismissed: in the history of cricket, there have been 56 instances in first-class matches and 4 occasions in List A games. In most cases this occurs when a batsman thinks that the ball is going to hit their wicket, and knock it away from the stumps with their hand.

In international cricket, only nine dismissals have been given in this fashion; on seven occasions in Test cricket and twice in One Day Internationals; no players have been dismissed in this fashion in Twenty20 Internationals. The South African Russell Endean became the first victim of this method in international cricket when he was dismissed in a 1957 Test match against England. The most recent occurrence was in a Test match in 2001, when Michael Vaughan was given out against India.

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