Hand Sockets

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Socket Wrench Types - Impact Sockets
... Regular chrome plated "hand sockets" like those commonly included with ratchet wrench tool sets are not suitable for this kind of high load impact application ... Hand sockets are made of a somewhat strong, but relatively soft steel which is economical and suitable for low torque applications ... If used with an impact wrench, hand sockets can shatter explosively if they break ...

Famous quotes containing the words sockets and/or hand:

    And in their blazing solitude
    The stars sang in their sockets through the night:
    “Blow bright, blow bright
    The coal of this unquickened world.”
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    This is what no one warns you about, when you decide to have children. There is so much written about the cost and the changes in your way of life, but no one ever tells you that what they are going to hand you in the hospital is power, whether you want it or not.... I should have known, but somehow overlooked for a time, that parents become, effortlessly, just by showing up, the most influential totems in the lives of their children.
    Anna Quindlen (20th century)