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Hand Pumps and Access To Clean Water
... in human dignity.” With this in mind, manufacturers of water pumps, like those produced by GOAZ Development in Malaysia, have a wide range of potential customers ... is controversy surrounding the sustainability of hand pumps, and the long-term gains from investing in them ... are associated with the use of hand pumps these include cost, hygiene, maintenance, availability of spare parts, responsibility of upkeep, community involvement, technology ...
Hand Pumps and Access To Clean Water - Hand Pump Development Projects
... An example of a Bank funded project that highlights many issues of hand pumps is the 1992 Mali Rural Supply Project ... The complexity of the pumps is a fundamental problem for all programs of this kind, as well as the quality of the pumps given the heavy demands of a village ... did positively affect the longevity of hand pumps by doing the following establishing local depots of spare parts, training individuals to maintain pumps, scheduling inspections from officials of the project ...
Figures About Pilibhit District
... Tubewell 9327 Total Hand pumps 2110 Rural Hand pumps 1286 Urban Hand pumps 820 Dairy (As in Sept, 2007) Livestock No ... Villages 982 Town 20 SC slums 1045 No of pump sets 7201 House Type (As in Sept, 2007) Type of house % of households occupying Permanent 50.9 Semi-permanent 25.7 Temporary 23.3 Cinemas (As in Sept, 2007) Cinema No ...

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    the rusty
    Pump pumps over your sweating face the clear
    Water, cold, so cold! you cup your hands
    And gulp from them the dailiness of life.
    Randall Jarrell (1914–1965)

    A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run.
    Ouida [Marie Louise De La Ramée] (1839–1908)