Hamid Mir - Criticism


Mir has been repeatedly accused of being pro-Taliban, while some known pro-Taliban personalities accuse him of being a CIA agent.

According to some analysts, Mir always propagated the agenda of Western forces. Zaid Hamid, founder of Brass Tacks, called him a CIA agent on an ABN Chicago Radio talk show.

Mir has publicly stated that certain people in Pakistan have claimed that he is an Indian Agent. He commented about the response of people on one of his programs in which he invited a peace activist Dr.Pervez Hoodhbhoy: “There was an outcry next day in sections of Pakistan’s Urdu press that two Indian agents were sitting on Geo TV,”

Former FBI official, Paul Williams, accused Mir of being dishonest: "He has back-pedaled on statements before. This guy is capable of mendacity" Williams is currently being sued by McMaster University for upwards of $2-Million, as a result of his claims that Islamic terrorists managed to steal 180 lbs of unspecified nuclear material from the McMaster Nuclear Reactor. The University has extracted an apology from the publisher of Dunces of Doomsday, WND Books/Cumberland House Publishing, who now say that statements made in Williams' book about the theft are "without basis in fact."

Some people say that he is too hard on the US. Recently he treated Pakistani Information Minister very roughly in his show on the US drone attacks.

He visited United States in April 2009 to deliver special lectures and talks in universities and think tanks. During this visit, he criticised the US policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He proposed some long- and short-term solutions for combating terrorism in Asia Society, New York.

The US Ambassador in Pakistan wrote a letter to the Geo TV management in September 2009 complaining about Mir.

Mir has been described as "a die-hard right-wing journalist". He is an admirer of Osama bin Laden and also admires those who kill alleged blasphemers. After the killing of Osama in 2011, he had stated "...bin Laden's killing is not the victory of the Americans; it was their defeat".

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