Halszka Osmólska

Halszka Osmólska (September 15, 1930 – March 31, 2008) was a Polish paleontologist who had specialized in Mongolian dinosaurs.

She was born in Poznań. A member of the 1965 and 1970 Polish–Mongolian expeditions to the Gobi Desert, she described many finds from these rocks, often with Teresa Maryańska. Among the dinosaurs she described are: Elmisaurus (and Elmisauridae (1981), Hulsanpes (1982), Borogovia (1987), and Bagaraatan (1996); with Maryańska, Homalocephale, Prenocephale, and Tylocephale (and Pachycephalosauria) (1974), Bagaceratops (1975), and Barsboldia (1981); with Maryańska and Altangerel Perle, Goyocephale (1982); with Ewa Roniewicz, Deinocheirus (1967); with Roniewicz and Rinchen Barsbold, Gallimimus (1972); with Kurzanov, Tochisaurus (1991); and with several other authors, Nomingia (2000). Her other work included discussions of the paleobiology of hadrosaurids, and co-editing the two editions of The Dinosauria. As of 2004, she was affiliated with the Instytut Paleobiologii of the Polska Akademia Nauk. She is recognized for her work in the names of the Mongolian oviraptorid Citipati osmolskae, the Chinese dromaeosaurid Velociraptor osmolskae, the archosauriform reptile Osmolskina czatkowicensis, and the Polish Pliocene lagomorph Prolagus osmolskae.

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