Hakata Bay

Hakata Bay (博多湾, Hakata-wan?) is a bay in the northwestern part of Fukuoka city, on the Japanese island of Kyūshū. It faces the Tsushima Strait, and features beaches and a port, though parts of the bay have been reclaimed in the expansion of the city of Fukuoka. The bay is perhaps most famous for the Mongol invasions of Japan of 1274 and 1281 which took place nearby; both invasions are sometimes referred to as the "battle of Hakata Bay."

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Mongol Invasions Of Japan - First Invasion
... They landed on November 19 in Hakata Bay, a short distance from Dazaifu, the ancient administrative capital of Kyūshū ... day brought the Battle of Bun'ei (文永の役), also known as the "First Battle of Hakata Bay" ... The Japanese force at Hakata Bay needed time to await the arrival of reinforcements, with which they would be able to overwhelm the Mongol invaders ...
Historic Recurrence - Striking Similarity - Islands Repel Invaders, Hurricanes Defeat Fleets
... On November 19, 1274, they landed at Hakata Bay on the Japanese island of Kyūshū, and next day fought the Battle of Bun'ei, also known as the "Battl ... Battle of Kōan, or the Second Battle of Hakata Bay, the Mongol forces were driven back to their ships ...
Hakata Bay - History
... The bay and its surrounding settlements were active and significant locations as early as the 3rd century and the Kofun period ... figures of great significance passed through or lived in Hakata, and many major events occurred there ... The ruins of Fukuoka Castle lie along the bay, and an active port has existed there for many centuries ...
Battle Of Bun'ei
... Bun'ei no eki?), also known as the First Battle of Hakata Bay was the first attempt by the Yuan Dynasty founded by the Mongols to invade Japan ... on Tsushima and Iki islands, Kublai Khan's fleet moved on to Japan proper and landed at Hakata Bay, a short distance from Kyūshū's administrative capital of Dazaifu ... the Yuan Dynasty in China in the early 1270s, the Yuan forces that disembarked at Hakata Bay were grossly outnumbered by the samurai force the Japanese had been ...

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