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Short-term Effects Of Alcohol - Alcohol Consumption and Balance
... The endolymph surrounds the cupula which contains hair cells within the semicircular canals ... The hair cells then bend and send signals to the brain indicating the direction in which the head is tilted ... to become less dense when alcohol enters the system, the hair cells can move more easily within the ear, which sends the signal to the brain and results in ...
Cochlea - Physiological Functioning - Detailed Events
... The organ of Corti vibrates due to outer hair cells further amplifying these vibrations ... Inner hair cells are then displaced by the vibrations in the fluid, and depolarise by an influx of K+ via their tip-link-connected channels, and send their signals via ... The hair cells in the organ of Corti are tuned to certain sound frequencies by way of their location in the cochlea, due to the degree of stiffness in the basilar ...
Crista Ampullaris - Background
... The receptor cells located in the semicircular ducts are innervated by the eighth cranial nerve, aka vestibulocochlear nerve (more specifically the vestibular portion) ... itself is a cone-shaped structure, covered in receptor cells called "hair cells" ... the endolymph within the semicircular duct deflects the cupula against the hair cells of the crista ampullaris ...
Mechanosensation - Hair Cells - Future Studies
... When the function and mechanisms of hair cells are more fully understood, there are two applications that it could have ... in other fields and clinical applications in the field of hair cells ... The mechanism of the hair cell might contribute to the understanding other mechanosensory systems such as the sense of touch ...
Computational Auditory Scene Analysis - System Architecture - Cochleagram
... the signal is broken up into different frequencies that are naturally selected by the cochlea and hair cells ... Since the hair cells produce spike patterns, each filter of the model should also produce a similar spike in the impulse response ... The half-rectified wave is similar to the displacement model of the hair cells ...

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