• (noun): Small pellet of ice that falls during a hailstorm.

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Collatz Conjecture - Program To Calculate Hailstone Sequences
... A specific Hailstone sequence can be easily computed, as is shown by this pseudocode example function hailstone(n) while n > 1 show n if n is odd then set n = 3n ...
Precipitation (meteorology) - Formation - Hail
... The storm's updraft blows the hailstones to the upper part of the cloud ... The updraft dissipates and the hailstones fall down, back into the updraft, and are lifted again ... Hailstones can grow to 15 centimetres (6 in) and weigh more than.5 kilograms (1.1 lb) ...
Bernard Hailstone - Career
... Hailstone belongs to the group of early 20th-century artists whose best-known work was done during the Second World War ... After education at the Judd School, Tonbridge, Hailstone attended Goldsmith's college School of Art, under Clive Gardiner, then the Royal Academy Schools ... In 1941 the War Artists Advisory Committee commissioned Hailstone to paint civil defence subjects ...
Columbus Globe For State And Industry Leaders - Legacy
... Again, the "Axel" partners of Moronikan dictator "Moe Hailstone" play a game of "keep-away" with the globe, eventually with Hailstone's military commander "Field Marshal Herring" smashing the globe ...
Hailstone, Utah
... Hailstone, Utah was a town in Wasatch County ... Hailstone was located at the junction of US-40 and US-189, seven miles north of Heber ... Originally known as Elkhorn, Hailstone was homesteaded in 1864 by William Paret Hailstone, Ann Davis Hailstone, and others ...

Famous quotes containing the word hailstone:

    You are no surer, no,
    Than is the coal of fire upon the ice,
    Or hailstone in the sun.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)