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Humans - Legions of Iron

There are four main differences between the Earth and Mars campaigns: the storyline of the first chapter, the result of the Earth-Mars war, the look of certain ships, and your hero (Garner or Cortilliari). Starting with chapter two, the two campaigns unfold virtually identically.

Humans began on Earth. During the age of space exploration, the Solar system was colonized, solving the Earth's overpopulation and resource problems. However, FTL travel was still beyond human science, so the race was confined within the boundaries of the system. After several generations, those living in colonies stopped thinking of themselves as Earthlings and saw the colonies as their home. Tensions arose as the Earth Empire attempted to force their rule on Mars (completely terraformed) and the other colonies. In response, Mars rebelled, and the other colonies joined it. When Mars diplomat's shuttle was ambushed and destroyed on the way to the Lunar summit, each side blamed the other, eventually resulting in a long and bloody war across the entire system. The war ended with the crushing defeat of one of the sides (player's choice which one) and formed the Legions of Iron. Coincidentally, a wormhole was discovered at the edge of the Solar system at the same time. Two more were found shortly after. Thus began the age of interstellar exploration and expansion for the new empire.

Most of the war was fought with Fighters and Corvettes using primitive plasma weapons. Close to the end, Proton and Missile weapons slowly replaced Plasma as the main tools of destruction. First Cruiser prototypes were also built, however their slow speed and low maneuverability made them the prime targets for waves of Fighters.

Kariak Empire

The Kariak are the first alien race humanity officially encountered. Unfortunately, the encounter ended in disaster, as several Kariak ships exited an unexplored wormhole in a newly colonized system and attacked a defenseless transport, starting the Human-Kariak war. "Kariak" is most likely not the race's actual name, as the name was a random designation because the Kariak language remained unknown until the end of the war. Physically, they are humanoids with stone-like features and great physical strength, compared to humans. The Kariaks' native climate is Desert. It is only later discovered that the unprovoked attack on the transport happened out of fear, not malice. Apparently, long ago, the Kariak were attacked by a hostile alien race whose ships looked similar to that of the Legions of Iron.

The Kariak tend to rely more on their Cruisers than Fighers or Corvettes for combat. Their weapons of choice are Ion-based, allowing them to hit their target nearly instantaneously.

Darzok Empire

The Darzok suddenly appeared at the close of the Human-Kariak war, claiming to be on a mission of peace and exploration (they managed to decipher English fairly quickly). It wasn't long, however, before the situation changed. Apparently, the Darzok military took over their government once the humans and the Kariak were discovered, claiming them to be a threat. The Darzok then launched a powerful attack at both the Legions of Iron and the Kariak Empire. The first strike would have been crippling, had one of the former Darzok officials not warned the Legions of Iron of the impending attack. Still the Darzok pushed on, forcing a split within the Kariak Empire, where a rogue general attempted to aid his race's enemies in exchange for the promise of regency of the Kariak. Recent intelligence suggests that the Darzok may, in fact, be acting on behalf of some other, unknown force. Physically, the Darzok are four-armed giants (about 10 feet tall) with slight insectoid features.

The Darzok are a very warlike people, even more than Humans. Their elegant warships are much heavier than their Human and Kariak counterparts, and their hulls of organic material have superb regeneration capabilities. They try to complement their Heavy Cruisers and Battleships with Fighters and Corvettes in order to create a nearly unbeatable attack force. There are also rumors of massive supply ships being developed to support the Darzok armada on their campaign of destruction, allowing their ships to be repaired in flight. Darzok military technology far surpasses that of the Legions or the Kariak. Their Quantum weapons can turn most warships to stardust with just a few shots, and their wormhole blocking technology allows them to control the interstellar routes.


Very little information is available on this ancient race. According to the message left in one of the Solon bases in the Eden system, they were a powerful race whose influence spread through the whole galaxy. Then, an unknown force appeared and turned the civilizations under Solon tutelage against them, one by one. Severely outnumbered, the Solon fled to an unknown location. The bases themselves are armed with extremely powerful weapons that can reduce incoming ships to nothing in a matter of seconds. These defenses further indicate that the Solon were trying to protect themselves from something else. Those who can penetrate the defenses without destroying the base will be able to use the technological gifts left behind by the Solon. When the Kariak first discovered the base in the Eden system, they attempted to take over it by force, which ended in a disaster. After the incident, the system became taboo, but the colonization of the system by the humans presented the opportunity to share their technological expertise; this ultimately resulted in the creation of a device that scrambled the base's IFF recognition system, allowing human ships to pass off as friendlies. The Solon in the aforementioned message looks similar to the stereotypical "Grey" aliens.

Kor'a'chak, a.k.a. "The Unseen Ones"

Very little information is known. The reason the Kariak originally attacked the humans was because they mistook the humans for this ancient race. All that is known is that the Kor'a'chak once warred with the Kariak, with the latter nearly becoming extinct as a result. When the Darzok were defeated, a human exploration team found an ancient derelict at the outskirts of the Ob system; boarding it, they found a hologram which warned them: even though they defeated the Darzok, "nothing can withstand the wrath of the Unseen Ones; be prepared, mortal, you will be our slaves very soon!".

The fact that the Solon were defeated by technologically inferior races motivated by an unknown foe and that the Unseen Ones used the Darzoks to attack the humans hints that maybe the Kor'a'chak were the ones behind the fall of the Solon Empire; however, until a sequel comes out, this cannot be confirmed.

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