Hadassah Medical Convoy Massacre

Hadassah Medical Convoy Massacre

The Hadassah convoy massacre took place on April 13, 1948, when a convoy, escorted by Haganah militia, bringing medical and military supplies and personnel to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus was ambushed by Arab forces.

Seventy-nine Jewish doctors and nurses and one British soldier were killed in the attack. Dozens of unidentified bodies, burned beyond recognition, were buried in a mass grave in the Sanhedria Cemetery. The Jewish Agency claimed that the massacre was a gross violation of international humanitarian law, and demanded action be taken against a breach of the Geneva Conventions.The Arabs claimed they had attacked a military formation, that all members of the convoy had engaged in combat, and that it had been impossible to distinguish combatants from civilians. An enquiry was conducted. Eventually an agreement was reached to separate military from humanitarian convoys.

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13 April, partly in revenge for the Deir Yassin massacre, a convoy that was driving towards Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus was attacked by hundreds of Arabs ... only putting in a perfunctory attempt at intervention in the last moments of the massacre ... and later testified that he had attempted to assist the Hadassah convoy by radioing for support, only for the request to be turned down ...
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... The firefight had lasted several hours, indicating that the convoy was armed ... between military and civilians because, they maintained, all the Jews, including the medical personnel, had taken part in the battle ... The Jews claimed that they had the right to protect their medical convoys with troops ...

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