Gyula (title)

Gyula (title)

Gyula (Yula, Gula, Gila) was, according to Muslim and Byzantine sources, the title of one of the leaders, the second in rank, of the Hungarian tribal federation in the 9th-10th centuries. In the earliest Hungarian sources, the title name is only recorded as a personal name (Gyyla, Geula, Gyla, Iula). The title name do not have convincing etymologies, but it is probably of Turkic origin.

According to the Hungarian chronicles, Transylvania was ruled by a line of princes called Gyula, and their country was occupied by King Stephen I of Hungary (1000/1001-1038).

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... The list of persons who held the gyulaoffice is still subject to debate ... at the time of the Hungarian conquest Árpád was the gyula who was later considered to be the ancestor of the dynasty that ruled Hungary until 1301 ... in 902, the leadership passed onto Árpád, and one of Árpád’s kinsmen became gyula ...