Guttural speech sounds are those with a primary place of articulation near the back of the oral cavity. In some definitions, this is restricted to pharyngeal consonants, but in others includes some but not all velar and uvular consonants. Guttural sounds are typically consonants, but some vowels articulations may also be considered guttural in nature.

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Guttural R
... In linguistics, guttural R (sometimes known as French R) refers to pronunciation of a rhotic consonant as a guttural consonant ... Speakers of languages with "French R" typically regard the guttural and alveolar /r/ to be alternative pronunciations of the same phoneme, despite the articulatory differences ... The guttural rhotic is the usual form of the rhotic consonant in most of what is now France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the southernmost parts of ...
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So-called Guttural Languages
... In the popular consciousness, some languages are considered to be guttural languages, as opposed to just possessing some sounds which are pronounced at ... Some languages which have fallen under the popular meaning of "guttural", as opposed to the technical meaning, are Ubykh and Arabic ... Sometimes whether a language is considered guttural or not could depend on differences within regions and countries ...
Guttural R - Rhotic-agnostic Guttural Consonants Written As ⟨r⟩
... There are languages where certain indigenous guttural consonants came to be orthographized with ⟨r⟩, giving the superficial appearance of a guttural R that may have never actually functioned as a ...

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    There seeps from heavily jowled or hawk-like foreign faces
    The guttural sorrow of the refugees.
    Louis MacNeice (1907–1963)