Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant - Reactor Data

Reactor Data

The Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant has a total of three units:

Unit Reactor type Net
Gundremmingen A boiling water reactor 237 MW 250 MW 12.12.1962 12.01.1966 04.12.1967 01.13.1977
Gundremmingen B boiling water reactor 1284 MW 1344 MW 07.20.1976 03.16.1984 07.19.1984 estimated 2021
Gundremmingen C boiling water reactor 1288 MW 1344 MW 07.20.1976 11.02.1984 01.18.1985 estimated 2021

  • The nuclear power plant

  • Units B and C

  • Close-up view showing steam venting

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