Gun Nose

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Douglas A-26 Invader - Design and Development
... changes and omission of the propeller spinners on production aircraft, plus modification of the nose landing gear after repeated collapses during testing ... The A-26B had a "solid" nose, which originally could be equipped with a combination of anything from.50 caliber machine guns, 37mm auto cannon, 20mm or even a 75mm pack howitzer, but normally the solid nose version ... The A-26C's "glass" nose, officially termed the "Bombardier nose", contained a Norden bombsight for medium altitude precision bombing ...

Famous quotes containing the words nose and/or gun:

    her nose was long and cold,
    And her shoes were full of feet.
    Unknown. In the Night (l. 3–4)

    “Tall tales” were told of the sociability of the Texans, one even going so far as to picture a member of the Austin colony forcing a stranger at the point of a gun to visit him.
    —Administration in the State of Texa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)