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Ronald Niel Stuart - First World War - HMS Pargust
... Renaming it HMS Pargust, they armed their vessel with a 4" gun, two twelve pounders, two machine guns, torpedo tubes and depth charges ... holed close to the waterline, and its cover was almost blown when one of the twelve pounder gun ports was blasted free from its mounting it was only the quick ... While the hidden gun crews watched the enemy approach the lifeboats, the officer in charge of the boats, Lieutenant Francis Hereford, realised that the submarine would follow his ...
Battle Of Jutland - The Outcome - British Self-critique - Ammunition Handling
... It was a good propellant but burned hot and caused an erosion problem in gun barrels ... While cordite MD solved the gun-barrel erosion issue, it did nothing to improve its storage properties, which were poor ... By staging charges in the chambers between the gun turret and magazine, the Royal Navy enhanced their rate of fire but left their ships vulnerable to chain reaction ammunition fires and magazine ...
HMS Pegasus (1897) - History
... her demise seem straightforward, a chance encounter with one of the crew led to an astonishing revelation ... £150,000 she had a complement of 200 men and an armament of eight 4-inch guns ... faster speed and high velocity 4.1 inch Krupp guns, was ordered to monitor the situation in German East Africa ...
Operation Goodwood - Main Attack - 18 July
... the procession of bombers came on unbroken, and when they'd gone, the thunder of the guns swelled up and filled the air, as the artillery carried on the bombardment" Chester Wilmot ... attacked German strong points and gun positions ... in the Troarn area and on the main German gun line on the Bourguébus Ridge ...

Famous quotes containing the words crews and/or gun:

    Shea—they call him Scholar Jack—
    Went down the list of the dead.
    Officers, seamen, gunners, marines,
    The crews of the gig and yawl,
    The bearded man and the lad in his teens,
    Carpenters, coal-passers—all.
    Joseph I. C. Clarke (1846–1925)

    “Tall tales” were told of the sociability of the Texans, one even going so far as to picture a member of the Austin colony forcing a stranger at the point of a gun to visit him.
    —Administration in the State of Texa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)