Gulnara Karimova Career and Activities

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Gulnara Karimova - Personal Life - Marriage and Divorce
... In 1991, Karimova married Mansur Maqsudi, an American businessman of Afghan origin ... When the marriage started to break in July 2001, Karimova took the two children and left the United States for Uzbekistan ... According to The Guardian, Karimova kept $4.5 million worth of jewellery and business interests worth approximately $60 million as part of her divorce settlement ...
Gulnara Karimova - Career and Activities - Fashion and Jewelry Design
... In March 2009 Karimova presented her own special jewelry collection "GULI for Chopard", designed for renowned Swiss company Chopard ... In September 2010, Karimova presented her fashion line "Guli", featuring Uzbek fabrics and designs based on the traditional Uzbek long coat, at New York′s ... In September 2011, Karimova′s planned spring 2012 fashion show at New York’s Fashion Week was banned after Human Rights Watch and other organizations had drawn attention to her connection to her ...
Gulnara Karimova
... Gulnora Islomovna Karimova (Russian Гульнара Исламовна Каримова, Gulnara Islamovna Karimova) (born July 8, 1972, Fergana) is the eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov ... Gulnora Karimova is a businesswoman, fashion designer, singer and diplomat ...
Gulnara Karimova - Career and Activities - Sting Concert
... the annual Art Week Style.Uz project initiated in 2006 by Karimova ... accused him of hypocrisy for playing in that country and supporting Karimova ... Regarding Karimova, she is much more sensitive to culture ...
Sodiq Safoyev - Personal Life
... while he was the foreign minister, new allegations surfaced about his possible marriage to Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the President of Uzbekistan ... Gulnara Karimova was also divorced with two kids ... First Deputy Minister Vladimir Norov as an intrusion in personal lives of Safoyev and Karimova ...

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