Guitar Player

Guitar Player is a popular magazine for guitarists founded in 1967. It contains articles, interviews, reviews and lessons of an eclectic collection of artists, genres and products. It has been in print since the late 1960s and during the 1980s, under editor Tom Wheeler, the publication was influential in the rise of the vintage guitar market. The magazine is currently edited by Michael Molenda. Guitar Player is a part of the Music Player Network.

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Guitar Player - Guitar Competitions
... Guitar Player has a yearly competition now called Guitar Superstar, which used to be the "Guitar Hero Competition" ...
Moody Jones - Life and Career
... Raised in the church, he developed an interest in music at an early age and learned to play guitar after his brother bought an old broken guitar for $3 ... often performing with his first cousin, singer and guitar player Floyd Jones ... bass made out of a wash-tub, a broom-handle and a clothes line), in addition to guitar ...
List Of Awards Received By Rush - Magazine Awards - Alex Lifeson
... Best Rock Talent" by Guitar for the Practicing Musician in 1983 "Best Rock Guitarist" by Guitar Player in 1984 and 2008 Runner-up for "Best Rock Guitarist" in Guitar Player ...
Ancient Rites
... Initially, the line- up consisted of guitar players Johan and Phillip, drummer Stefan, and Gunther Theys on bass and vocals ... the band found replacements for both him and Phillip in guitar players Pascal and Bart Vandereycken ... led the once strongly Flemish rooted band to become an international act with the addition of Dutch guitar player Erik Sprooten (ex-Inquisitor) later that same year and Finnish guitar player Jan "Örkki" Yrlund ...
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... By that time Miranda was also known for being a great guitar player and Montalbert-Smith accepted the proposal ... Gandhi was formally established in 1992 with Federico Miranda on the guitar, Luis Montalbert-Smith as lead vocalist, Bernardo Trejos (later co-founder of El Parque) at the bass guitar ... At the same time, Trejos was replaced with Bruno Porter’s bass guitar player Mauricio Pauly ...

Famous quotes containing the words player and/or guitar:

    The chess-board is the world; the pieces are the phenomena of the universe; the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us. We know that his play is always fair, just, and patient. But also we know, to our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895)

    Swiftly in the nights,
    In the porches of Key West,
    Behind the bougainvilleas
    After the guitar is asleep,
    Lasciviously as the wind,
    You come tormenting.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)