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... Ontology Molecular function • protein bindingGTP binding • phospholipid binding • metal ion binding Cellular component • cytoplasm • axonemal microtubule • microtubule basal ... The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the ARF family of GTP-binding proteins ... They depart from other small GTP-binding proteins by a unique structural device that implements front-back communication from the N-terminus to the ...
... GSPT2 Gene Gene Ontology Molecular function • GTPase activity • protein bindingGTP binding Cellular component • cytosol Biological process • nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic ... GSPT2 is closely related to GSPT1 (MIM 139259), a GTP-binding protein that plays an essential role at the G1- to S-phase transition of the cell cycle in ...
Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1 - Binding Partners - GTP
... GTP binding is antagonized by Pi and ADP but is synergistic with NADH bound in the noncatalytic allosteric site ... The majority of the contacts between GTP and the enzyme are via the triphosphate moiety ... The GTP-binding site is considered to be the "sensor" that turns the enzyme off when the cell is at a high energy state ...

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