GSM - GSM Open-source Software

GSM Open-source Software

Several open-source software projects exist that provide certain GSM features:

  • gsmd daemon by Openmoko
  • OpenBTS develops a Base transceiver station
  • The GSM Software Project aims to build a GSM analyzer for less than $1000
  • OsmocomBB developers intend to replace the proprietary baseband GSM stack with a free software implementation

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... Patents remain a problem for any open-source GSM implementation, because it is not possible for GNU or any other free software distributor to guarantee ... The original GSM implementations from 1991 may now be entirely free of patent encumbrances, however patent freedom is not certain due to the US "first to invent" system that was in place until 2012 ... As of 2011, there have been no law suits against users of OpenBTS over GSM use ...