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Final Years

His house was never completely finished. It was meant to have a passive heat storage device, basically a thermally insulated pit full of dolerite rocks, underneath, but although his mind was sharp, his body started to fail him in his later years, and he was never able to move the rocks. He was fascinated by mirrors and had at least one in every room. He had one of the amplifiers from the prime focus of his first telescope. Probably the one used at 900 MHz, it was of compact point-to-point construction and used two R.C.A. type 955 "acorn" thermionic valves. All the rubber-insulated wires in it had perished and the rubber was hard and crumbly. He powered this amplifier, and all his later receivers at Dennistoun, from batteries, to avoid interference entering the equipment along power cables.

Reber was not a believer of the big bang theory; he believed that red shift was due to repeated absorption and re-emission or interaction of light and other electromagnetic radiations by low density dark matter, over intergalactic distances, and he published an article called "Endless, Boundless, Stable Universe", which outlined his theory.

He was looked after in his final days at the Ouse District Hospital, about 50km northwest of Hobart, Tasmania, where he died in 2002, two days before his 91st birthday. His ashes are located at Bothwell Cemetery, just past New Norfolk in Tasmania and at many major radio observatories around the world:

  • Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory and Grote Reber Museum, Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia
  • Parkes Observatory, Parkes, New South Wales, Australia
  • Molonglo Observatory, Bungendore, New South Wales, Australia
  • Dwingeloo Radio Observatory, Netherlands
  • Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, England
  • Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cambridgeshire, England
  • Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, British Columbia, Canada
  • NASA Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope, California
  • United States Naval Observatory, D.C.
  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Greenbank, West Virginia
  • Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
  • University of Illinois Radio Telescope, Vermillion County, Illinois
  • University of California at Davis
  • University of Hawaii, on the summit of Haleakala
  • Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope, India
  • Tuorla Observatory, Turku, Finland
  • Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory, Russia

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