Gros Ventre

  • (noun): A Siouan language spoken by the Hidatsa people.
    Synonyms: Hidatsa
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History Of Montana - Indigenous Peoples
... The Gros Ventre are located today in north-central Montana and govern the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation ... Gros Ventre is the exonym given by the French, who misinterpreted the name given to them by neighboring tribes as "the people who have enough to eat," referencing their relative wealth ... as a band of Arapaho they speak a variant of Arapaho called Gros Ventre or Atsina ...
List Of United States Treaties - U.S. Native American Treaties - 1880–present
... July 13 Executive Order 620, 621 Arikara, Gros Ventre, and Mandan 1880 July 13 Executive Order 622, 623 Gros Ventre, Piegan, Blood, Blackfoot, and River Crow 1880 July 13 Executive Order 613 Sioux (Drifting Goose's. 1032 712, 713 Gros Ventre and Mandan 1891 March 3 Act of Congress 26 Stat ...
Arapahoan Languages
... are a subgroup of the Plains group of Algonquian languages Nawathinehena, Arapaho, Gros Ventre Nawathinehena is extinct and Arapaho and Gros Ventre are both endangered ... slightly from Arapaho, but a few of its sound changes resemble those seen in Gros Ventre ...
Notable Gros Ventre People
1896–2007), last known fluent speaker of the Gros Ventre language George Horse-Capture (b. 1937), anthropologist and author James Welch (1940–2003), Blackfeet-Gros Ventre author ...

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  • (noun): A member of the Sioux people formerly inhabiting an area along the Missouri river in western North Dakota.
    Synonyms: Hidatsa