Grid Leak

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Grid-leak Detector
... A grid-leak detector is a combination diode rectifier and audio amplifier used as a detector in vacuum tube AM radio receivers ... The grid leak is the small current through the grid of a vacuum tube caused by the small negative EMF which is present in all vacuum tubes as a result of a space charge within the envelope of ...
Grid-leak Detector - Operation
... In the circuit, the grid of the detector (usually a low-mu or medium-mu triode) is connected to the secondary of the final RF or IF transformer through a ... this capacitor, or from the detector's grid to ground ... in concert with the nearly unidirectional current flow of the detector's grid-to-cathode (or grid-to-filament, if it's directly heated) circuit, forms a ...
Grid-leak Detector - Grid Leak Bias
... A valve/tube has a resistor connected from grid to ground, typically as the only bias component ... Thus grid leak current is used to bias the valve ... When the grid leak stage had a transformer input, the valve grid connected to one end of the transformer secondary, and the other end of the secondary went to ground via ...

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