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Senior Research Groups

Magnus Nordborg - Population genetics - The central theme of the group is the genetic basis of adaptation. A combination of empirical and theoretical approaches from population genetics and related areas, such as statistical genetics and molecular evolution, are used. Empirical research focuses on Arabidopsis thaliana but we work on a wide range of organisms, including primates.

Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid - Epigenetic changes in plants - Epigenetic changes contribute significantly to diversity in gene expression and, thereby, to adaptation potential. Using the model plant Arabidopsis, the group investigates chromatin, gene expression, inheritance and natural variation in response to stress treatments and upon genome duplication in polyploids.

Antonius & Marjori Matzke - Epigenetic regulation of gene expression and interphase chromosome organization - The general topic of the research program is epigenetic regulation of gene expression in plants. Current research focuses on RNAi-mediated chromatin modifications, in particular RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM), and on various aspects of interphase chromosome organization and dynamics in living plants.

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