Greene - People


  • Aaron Greene, Irish footballer
  • Alan Greene, American diver
  • Alice Greene, British olympic tennis player
  • Alvin Greene, American politician
  • Ashley Greene, American actress
  • Aurelia Greene, American politician
  • Balcomb Greene, American artist
  • Belle da Costa Greene, librarian to J. P. Morgan, and after his death the first director of the Pierpont Morgan Library
  • Ben Greene, British pacifist
  • Benjamin Greene, English businessman
  • Bert Greene (golfer)
  • Bert Greene (cookbook author)
  • Bette Greene, American writer
  • Bob Greene, American newspaper columnist
  • Brenda Shannon Greene, better known as Shannon, American singer
  • Brian Greene, American physicist
  • Cathal Óg Greene, Irish Gaelic football player
  • Catherine Littlefield Greene, wife of Nathanael Greene
  • Charles Greene (athlete), former American sprinter
  • Charles Ezra Greene, American civil engineer
  • Charles Wilson Greene, American physiologist and pharmacologist
  • Charlie Greene (baseball), former Major League Baseball backup catcher
  • Charlie Greene (soccer), retired American soccer player
  • Christina E Greene, American Actress
  • Colton Greene, Confederate general during the American Civil War
  • Conyngham Greene (1854–1934), British diplomat, minister to Switzerland, Romania and Denmark and ambassador to Japan
  • Daniel Greene (artist) (born 1934), American fine artist
  • Daniel J. Greene, (1850–1911) Canadian politician, premier of Newfoundland
  • Danny Greene (1933–1977), Irish-American gangster
  • Daniel Greene (actor), U.S. actor in Falcon Crest
  • David Greene (American football), NFL quarterback
  • Edward Lee Greene, botanist
  • Ettie Mae Greene, American supercentenarian
  • Evarts Boutell Greene, American historian
  • Evie Greene, English actress
  • Gael Greene, American food critic
  • George Greene, 19th-century Iowa Supreme Court justice
  • George S. Greene, Union general during the American Civil War
  • George Washington Greene, American historian
  • Gladys Georgianna Greene, better known as Jean Arthur, American actress
  • Graham Greene (1904–1991), English writer
  • Graham Greene, Canadian actor
  • Harold H. Greene, U.S. district court justice
  • Harry Plunket Greene, Irish singer
  • Henry Greene and Charles Greene, American architects, better known as Greene and Greene
  • Herbert Greene, English musician
  • Herbert M. Greene, American architect
  • Hugh Greene, British journalist and television executive
  • Hunter Greene, Louisiana politician
  • J. Patrick Greene, English archaeologist and museum director
  • James Edward Greene, Liberian politician
  • Jehmu Greene, American politician
  • John Greene (settler), co-founder of Warwick, Rhode Island
  • John Greene, Jr. colonial Deputy Governor of Rhode Island
  • Joe Greene (baseball) (1911–1989), American catcher in Negro league baseball
  • Joe Greene (Ontario politician) (1920–1978), Liberal legislator in Canadian House of Commons, 1963–1972
  • Joe Greene (American football) (born 1946), American football player, known as "Mean Joe Greene"
  • Joe Greene (athlete) (born 1967), American long jump athlete
  • Joe Greene (boxer) (born 1986), American middleweight
  • Joseph Greene (Newfoundland politician) (1890–1969), accountant and political figure in Newfoundland
  • Joseph Greene (writer) (1914–1990), American science fiction author and editor
  • Joshua Greene (wine), wine critic, publisher and editor-in-chief of Wine & Spirits
  • Joshua Greene (mathematician), the winner of the 2002 Morgan Prize
  • Josh Greene (artist), American conceptual artist
  • Kai Greene, bodybuilder
  • Kenny Greene, American singer-songwriter and record producer
  • Kempton Greene, American actor
  • Khalil Greene, major league baseball infielder
  • Kim Morgan Greene, American actress
  • Laivan Greene, American actress
  • Lance Greene, actor and theater and film producer
  • Laura Greene, British television presenter
  • Leon Greene, English opera singer and film actor
  • Lorne Greene, Canadian actor
  • Matt Greene, American NHL defenseman
  • Maurice Greene (athlete), athlete, former 100m record holder
  • Maurice Greene (composer), English composer and organist
  • Maxine Greene, American educational philosopher, author, social activist, and teacher
  • Melissa Fay Greene, American writer
  • Moya Greene, Canadian civil servant, President and CEO of Canada Post
  • Nathanael Greene, American general (and a name source for many US locations)
  • Patricia Greene, British actress
  • Peter Greene, American actor
  • Robert Greene, 16th-century poet
  • Robert Greene, contemporary author
  • Russell Greene, Australian rules footballer
  • Serginho Greene, Dutch soccer player
  • Shecky Greene, American comedian
  • Sonia Greene, writer
  • Susaye Greene, American singer
  • Talib Kweli Greene, better known as Talib Kweli, American emcee
  • Ted Greene, guitarist and music educator
  • Tilly Greene, American writer
  • Timothy Greene, South African actor and film director
  • Todd Greene, American baseball player
  • Thomas Alan "Tom" Greene, Louisiana politician and veterinarian
  • Vibert Greene, Barbadian cricketer
  • Vincent Graves Greene 20th-century Canadian philatelist
  • Vivien Greene, English authority on doll's houses
  • Wilfred Greene, 1st Baron Greene, British judge
  • William Greene (colonial governor), served 11 one-year terms as governor of Rhode Island
  • William Cornell Greene, copper magnate
  • William Pomeroy Crawford Greene, English politician
Fictional characters
  • Dominic Greene (James Bond: Quantum of Solace - Film)
  • Hillary Greene (Hillary Greene Series of books)
  • Mark Greene (ER - TV series)
  • Moe Greene (The Godfather - Film and novel)
  • Rachel Greene, (alternative spelling of Rachel Green in Friends - American television sitcom)

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