Greater Romania - Bukovina


In Bukovina, after occupation by the Romanian Army, a National Council voted for union with Romania. While the Romanian, German, and Polish deputies unanimously voted for union, the Ukrainian deputies (representing 38% of the population according to the 1910 Austrian census) and Jewish deputies did not attend.

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History Of Bukovina - History - Austrian Empire
... The Austrian Empire occupied Bukovina in October 1774 ... Bukovina was formally annexed in January 1775 ... Bukovina was a closed military district (1775–1786), then the largest district, Kreis Czernowitz (after its capital Czernowitz) of the Austrian ...
Storozhynets - History
... In 1774 Austria added Bukovina to its territories ... after World War I, its territory ended with a new status as Northern Bukovina became part of the Kingdom of Romania ... In 1940, 28 June, Northern Bukovina was occupied by the Soviet troops ...
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... The name Bukovina came into official use in 1775 with the region's annexation from the Principality of Moldavia to the possessions of the Habsburg Monarchy, which became Austrian ... referring to the Chernivtsi Oblast as over 2/3 of the oblast is the northern part of Bukovina ... day Suceava County covers territory outside of the historical Bukovina.) In English, an alternative form is The Bukovina, increasingly an archaism, which, however, is found in older literature ...