Great Grey Shrike

The Great Grey Shrike, Northern Grey Shrike, or Northern Shrike (Lanius excubitor) is a large songbird species in the shrike family (Laniidae). It forms a superspecies with its parapatric southern relatives, the Southern Grey Shrike (L. meridionalis), the Chinese Grey Shrike (L. sphenocerus) and the Loggerhead Shrike (L. ludovicianus). Within the Great Grey Shrike species itself, there are nine subspecies. Males and females are similar in plumage, pearly grey above with a black eye-mask and white underparts.

Breeding takes place generally north of 50° northern latitude in northern Europe and Asia (where it is known as the Great Grey Shrike), and in North America (where it is known as the Northern Shrike) north of 55° northern latitude in Canada and Alaska. Most populations migrate south in winter to temperate regions. The Great Grey Shrike is carnivorous, with rodents making up over half its diet.

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Great Grey Shrike - Behavior - Conservation Status
... As remarked above, the Great Grey Shrike has apparently become extinct as a breeding bird in Switzerland and the Czech Republic ... Altogether, the Great Grey Shrike is common and widespread and not considered a threatened species by the IUCN (though they still include L ... plentiful high-quality habitat is found though the number of Great Grey Shrikes in this tiny country is necessarily limited, the average population density there is 25 times ...

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