Great Britain Commemorative Stamps 1990–1999 - History


Postage stamps were first used in Great Britain on 6 May 1840, with the introduction of the world's first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black. Up until 1924, all British stamps depicted only the portrait of the reigning monarch, with the exception of the 'High Value' stamps, the so-called "Sea Horses" design issued in 1913, which were twice the size of normal stamps with added pictorial design.

In 1924, the first 'Commemorative' stamp was issued for the British Empire Exhibition. There were then occasional issues over the next thirty years, when the frequency of new issues became more regular. From the mid-sixties, in most years, six to nine sets of commemorative stamps have been issued every year. PHQ Cards, postcard sized reproductions of commemorative stamps, have also been issued to accompany every new set of stamps since the mid-seventies.

British Commemorative stamps issued between 1990 and 1999.
Issue Date Issue details Stamps in set Designer(s)
23 January 1990 150th Anniversary of Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Four
6 February 1990 Greetings Stamps "Smiles" Ten
6 March 1990 Europa & Glasgow 1990, European City of Culture Four
10 April 1990 25th Anniversary of Queen's Award for Export & Technology Two
3 May 1990 "Stamp World 90" International Stamp Exhibition, (Miniature Sheet) One (MS)
5 June 1990 150th Anniversary of Kew Gardens Four
10 July 1990 150th Birth anniversary of Thomas Hardy (Author) One
2 August 1990 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Four
11 September 1990 Gallantry Awards Five
16 October 1990 Astronomy Four J. Fisher
13 November 1990 Christmas Five
8 January 1991 Dogs - Paintings by George Stubbs Five
5 February 1991 Greetings Stamps "Good Luck" Ten
5 March 1991 Scientific Achievements Four J Harwood
26 March 1991 Greetings Stamps "Smiles", same set as issued 06/02/90
reprinted, inscribed "1st" instead of "20p"
23 April 1991 Europa, Europe in Space Four
11 June 1991 World Student Games, Sheffield (22p, 26p & 31p)
& Rugby World Cup, London (37p)
16 July 1991 9th World Congress of Roses, Belfast Five
20 August 1991 150th Anniversary of Dinosaur's Identification by Owen Five Bryan Kneale
17 September 1991 Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey. Maps of Ham Street, Kent Four Howard Brown
12 November 1991 Christmas Five
14 January 1992 Wintertime Five
28 January 1992 Greetings Stamps "Memories" Ten
6 February 1992 40th Anniversary of Accession Five
10 March 1992 Death Centenary of Alfred, Lord Tennyson Four
7 April 1992 Europa, International Events Five
16 June 1992 350th Anniversary of the Civil War Four
21 July 1992 150th Anniversary of Sir Arthur Sullivan Five
15 September 1992 Protection of the Environment, Children's Paintings Four
13 October 1992 Single European Market One
10 November 1992 Christmas Five
19 January 1993 600th Anniversary of Abbotsbury Swannery Five David Gentleman
2 February 1993 Greetings Stamps " Gift Giving" Ten
16 February 1993 300th Anniversary of John Harrison,
inventor of the marine chronometer
2 March 1993 £10 Definitive One
16 March 1993 14th World Orchid Conference, Glasgow Five
11 May 1993 Europa, Contemporary Art Four
15 June 1993 Roman Britain Four
20 July 1993 Inland Waterways Four
14 September 1993 The Four Seasons, Autumn Five
12 October 1993 Sherlock Holmes Five
9 November 1993 Christmas Five
18 January 1994 The Age of Steam Five
1 February 1994 Greetings Stamps "Messages" Ten
1 March 1994 25th Anniversary of Investiture of the Prince of Wales
Paintings by Prince Charles
12 April 1994 Centenary of Picture Postcards Four
3 May 1994 Opening of Channel Tunnel Four
6 June 1994 50th anniversary of D-Day Five K Bassford
5 July 1994 Scottish Golf Courses Five
2 August 1994 The Four Seasons, Summertime Five
27 September 1994 Europa, Medical Discoveries Four
1 November 1994 Christmas Five
17 January 1995 Cats Five
14 March 1995 Springtime Five
21 March 1995 Greetings Stamps 'Greetings in Art' Ten
11th April 1995 Centenary of the National Trust Five
2 May 1995 Europa, Peace & Freedom Five
6 June 1995 Science Fiction, Novels by H.G. Wells Four
8 August 1995 Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Five
5 September 1995 Pioneers of Communication Four
3 October 1995 Centenary of Rugby League Five
30 October 1995 Christmas Five
25 January 1996 Death Bicentenary of Robert Burns Four
25 February 1996 Greetings Stamps, Cartoons Ten
12 March 1996 50th Anniversary of Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Five
16 April 1996 Centenary of Cinema Five
14 May 1996 European Football Championship Five H Brown
9 July 1996 Olympic & Paralympic Games, Atlanta Five
6 August 1996 Europa, Famous Women Five
3 September 1996 50th Anniversary oc Children's Television Five
1 October 1996 Classic Sports Cars Five
28 October 1996 Christmas Five
28 October 1996 Greetings Stamps, 19th century Flower Paintings Ten
21 January 1997 450th Death Anniversary of King Henry VIII Seven
11 March 1997 Religious Anniversaries Four
21 April 1997 Royal Golden Wedding Gold Definitives, 26p & 1st values Two
13 May 1997 Europa, Horror Stories Four
10 June 1997 British Aircraft Designers Five Turner Duckworth
8 July 1997 "All the Queen's Horses", 50th Anniversary of the British Horse Society Four
12 August 1997 Sub-Post Offices Four
9 September 1997 Birth Centenary of Enid Blyton Five
27 October 1997 Christmas, 150th Anniversary of the Christmas Cracker Five
13 November 1997 Royal Golden Wedding Four
20 January 1998 Endangered Species Six Robert Maude
3 February 1998 Diana, Princess of Wales Commemoration Five
24 February 1998 The Queen's Beasts (650th Anniversary of the Order of the Garter) Five Jeffrey Matthews FSCD
24 March 1998 Lighthouses Five Dick Davis
23 April 1988 Comedians Five Gerald Scarfe
23 June 1998 Health (50 Years of the NHS) Four Vince Frost
21 July 1998 Magical Worlds (Classic Fantasy Books for Children) Five Peter Malone
25 August 1998 Europa. Carnival (Notting Hill Carnival) Four Tim Hazael
29 September 1998 Speed (Great British Land Speed Records) Five Roundel
2 November 1998 Christmas (Angels) Five Irene von Treskow
12 January 1999 The Millennium Series. The Inventor's Tale Four David Gentleman
2 February 1999 The Millennium Series. The Traveller's Tale Four
2 March 1999 The Millennium Series. The Patient's Tale Four
6 April 1999 The Millennium Series. The Settler's Tale Four
4 May 1999 The Millennium Series. The Worker's Tale Four
1 June 1999 The Millennium Series. The Entertainer's Tale Four
15 June 1999 The Wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones Two John Swannell
6 July 1999 The Millennium Series. The Citizen's Tale Four
3 August 1999 The Millennium Series. The Scientist's Tale Four
11 August 1999 Solar Eclipse
7 September 1999 The Millennium Series. The Farmer's Tale Four
21 September 1999 World Changers
5 October 1999 The Millennium Series. The Soldier's Tale Four
2 November 1999 The Millennium Series. The Christian's Tale Four Clare Melinsky
7 December 1999 The Millennium Series. The Artist's Tale Four
14 December 1999 The Millennium Series. Millennium Timekeeper One David Gentleman

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