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  • Graydon Creed appeared in the X-Men animated series voiced by John Stocker. Like in the comics, Graydon Creed's deep resentment towards mutants comes from his parents Sabretooth and Mystique. Graydon wound up in the care of his father Sabretooth who bullied and beat him constantly. Many years later, Graydon founded the Friends of Humanity, an anti-mutant hate group that sought to vilify mutants. After the Beast's pardon by the President, Graydon's resentment grew even more and the Friends of Humanity began targeting the X-Men. Graydon Creed began looking for new ways to exterminate mutantkind. He hired a scientist to create a virus that would wipe out every mutant on Earth though would be relatively harmless to ordinary humans. Graydon dispatches one of his followers to infect a baseline humans in contact with a number of known mutants and begins making public announcements about the dangerous plague carrying mutants. While giving a speech about the plague's effects, Graydon attempts to infect Beast with the virus though is stopped by Bishop. During the struggle, Graydon accidentally infects himself and retreats back to the lab for medical aid. The X-Men follow him, attack the base and the scientist reveals himself to be Apocalypse. The X-Man Beast helps him get clear of the battle. The X-Men destroy the virus and Graydon returns to the Friends of Humanity headquarters. In "Beauty and the Beast," Beast began dating his former patient Carly, a human causing Graydon Creed to become furious. He had Carly kidnapped and began interrogating her. Meanwhile, Beast begins searching for the missing Carly and Wolverine infiltrates the Friends of Humanity pretending to have been beaten by mutants. Graydon gladly accepts him into the fold. Moments later, an enraged Beast breaks into the Friends of Humanity and Wolverine reveals himself and rescues Carly. Before they leave, the X-Men outside set up a holographic projector displaying Xavier's profile on the mutant Sabretooth, real name: Graydon Creed, Sr. Discovering that another one of his trusted men was a mutant and seeing Sabretooth's face again, Graydon Creed becomes unstable and begins screaming wildly. Realizing that their leader was the son of a mutant, the Friends of Humanity leave him behind for the authorities. Meanwhile, the Friends of Humanity do not disband but grow larger and more organized where they are led by a council. Fully recovered though still with a strong hatred towards mutants by the episode "Bloodlines," Graydon returns to the Friends of Humanity in order to resume his old role as their leader. The council rules that to lead the Friends of Humanity once more, he has to prove himself. They tell Graydon that Sabretooth is not the only mutant in his family. The Head of the Council hands him a file with information on his mother Mystique, his foster sister Rogue, and his demonic-looking half-brother Nightcrawler. Close to madness, he agrees to kill all of the mutants in return that the Friends of Humanity would let him return to the fold. Creed kidnaps his mother Mystique and forces her to send a letter to Nightcrawler saying she was in danger. Fearing for his mother's life, Nightcrawler seeks the help of Rogue and Wolverine. They locate the Friends of Humanity's dam-base and walk straight into a trap. Graydon attempts to gas all of the mutants to death. They manage to break free and defeat Creed. Mystique slips away though and is thought to have been killed when the dam burst open (though she actually survived). Creed in his helicopter is washed away as the dam breaks down. He later wakes up aboard a helicopter bound. Four of the council members inform Graydon that he has failed for the last time by letting Mystique, Rogue, and Nightcrawler live and costing them their soldiers, who were arrested for blowing up their dam-base. As a result, Graydon has been expelled from the Friends of Humanity indefinitely. They push him from the chopper and he parachutes to "safety", right in front of Sabretooth's rural home. Sabretooth grabs Graydon upon his landing to deal with Graydon personally. Graydon's fate was unrevealed after this, but it is assumed Sabretooth killed his own son, because of the many muntant lives he'd taken.

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