Gravitational Shielding

The term gravitational shielding refers to a hypothetical process of shielding an object from the influence of a gravitational field. Such processes, if they existed, would have the effect of reducing the weight of an object. The shape of the shielded region would be similar to a shadow from the gravitational shield. For example, the shape of the shielded region above a disk would be conical. The height of the cone's apex above the disk would vary directly with the height of the shielding disk above the earth. Experimental evidence to date indicates that no such effect exists. Gravitational shielding is considered to be a violation of the equivalence principle and therefore inconsistent with both Newtonian theory and general relativity.

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... it cannot be perfectly transparent, because in that case no gravitational force would exist ... This hypothetical effect, called gravitational shielding, implies that addition of matter does not result in a direct proportional increase in the ... to be viable, Fatio and Le Sage postulated that the shielding effect is so small as to be undetectable, which requires that the interaction cross-section of matter must be extremely small (P10, below) ...
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... The consensus view of the scientific community is that gravitational shielding does not exist, but there have been occasional investigations into this topic ... Modanese and Ning Wu indicated various applications of quantum gravity theory could allow gravitational shielding phenomena ...

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