Gravitational Redshift - Exact Solutions

Exact Solutions

A table of exact solutions of the Einstein field equations consists of the following:

Non-rotating Rotating
Uncharged Schwarzschild Kerr
Charged Reissner–Nordström Kerr–Newman

The more often used exact equation for gravitational redshift applies to the case outside of a non-rotating, uncharged mass which is spherically symmetric. The equation is:

, where

  • is the gravitational constant,
  • is the mass of the object creating the gravitational field,
  • is the radial coordinate of the point of emission (which is analogous to the classical distance from the center of the object, but is actually a Schwarzschild coordinate),
  • is the radial coordinate of the observer (in the formula, this observer is at an infinitely large distance), and
  • is the speed of light.

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