Grain Crossing Halt

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Middle Stoke Halt Railway Station
... Middle Stoke Halt (TQ 753. 51°26′49″N 0°38′09″E / 51.446876°N 0.635911°E / 51.446876 0.635911Coordinates 51°26′49″N 0°38′09″E / 51.446876°N 0.635911°E / 51.446876 0.635911 ... station Disused railways Following station Beluncle Halt 7/1906 to 31-12-1922 SECR Grain Crossing Halt Beluncle Halt 1-1-1923 to 15-5-1932 SR Grain Crossing Halt Beluncle Halt 16-5-1932 to 16-7-193 ...
Stoke Junction Halt Railway Station
... Stoke Junction Halt (TQ 756. 51°26′57″N 0°39′02″E / 51.449247°N 0.650680°E / 51.449247 0.650680Coordinates 51°26′57″N 0°39′02″E / 51.449247 ... railways Following station Middle Stoke Halt 17-7-1932 to 31-12-1947 SR Grain Crossing Halt or Allhallows-on-Sea Middle Stoke Halt 1-1-1948 to 10-7-1951 BR(S) Grain Crossing Halt or Allhallows-on-Sea ...

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    Indigenous to Minnesota, and almost completely ignored by its people, are the stark, unornamented, functional clusters of concrete—Minnesota’s grain elevators. These may be said to express unconsciously all the principles of modernism, being built for use only, with little regard for the tenets of esthetic design.
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