Gradius - Critical Reception and Legacy

Critical Reception and Legacy

Hideki Kamiya stated in an interview that Gradius is one of the top three key inspirational games from his past.

The Vic Viper ship outline is a selectable arrow graphic on the arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2.

Video in the background about Vic Viper ship is being shown during game play when the song "SABER WING (AKIRA ISHIHARA Headshot mix)" or "SABER WING" is selected by the player in the arcade edition of Dance Dance Revolution X.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game features many cards based on the series. This includes the cards of "Gradius", "Boss Rush", "Option Hunter", and several of the bosses known in the card game as B.E.S type machines. Though in the series Gradius is a planet, in the card game Gradius takes the form of a fighter jet. The Japanese name of the card is "Super Dimension Fighter: Vic Viper". More cards featured in the card game based on the Gradius series are "Victory Viper XX03", "Jade Knight", "FalchionĪ²", "DUCKER Mobile Cannon", and "Lord British Space Fighter".

In addition, the cards based on the series have made appearances in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga. In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, the fighter jet Gradius (Vic Viper) first appears in episode 47, being used by Duke Devlin in a duel against Joey Wheeler. It later appears again in episode 116 when Noah Kaiba duels Seto Kaiba. In both appearances, the player using Gradius won their respective duels. The final appearance of Gradius related cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! anime was in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 71. In this episode the character Lorenzo, who notably is a champion of shooting arcade games, uses the B.E.S. monster cards (based on the bosses in the game) along with "Boss Rush" against Jaden Yuki.

These cards also make appearances in many of the Yu-Gi-Oh! video games.

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