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John Kelly - People - Armed Forces People
... John Kelly (Royal Navy officer) (1871–1936), British Admiral of the Fleet John D ... Kelly (Medal of Honor) (1923–1944), American soldier, World War II Medal of Honor recipient John D ... Kelly (1928–1952), USMC, Korean War Medal of Honor recipient John F ...
Kelly - Other Uses
... Kelly (album) by Kelly Price Kelly (musical), 1965 musical by Mark Charlap Kelly (TV series), Northern Ireland TV series Kelly criterion, a mathematical way to balance ... sitcom on the WB television network Kelly Services, employment agency Kelly tool, used in fire and rescue services for forcible entry ...
Eugene Kelly
... Eugene Kelly (born 1965) is a Scottish musician who is a member of the group The Vaselines, a founding member of the now disbanded Eugenius and has had a number of solo releases ... Eugene Kelly formed The Vaselines in Glasgow, Scotland in 1986 with Frances McKee and was a member until 1989 when the band split up the week their first and only full length album, Dum-Dum, was released ... In 1990, Kelly formed Captain America but was forced to change the name after an objection from Marvel Comics ...

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    We like the chase better than the quarry.... And those who philosophize on the matter, and who think men unreasonable for spending a whole day in chasing a hare which they would not have bought, scarce know our nature. The hare in itself would not screen us from the sight of death and calamities; but the chase, which turns away our attention from these, does screen us.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

    No wealth can buy the requisite leisure, freedom, and independence which are the capital in this profession. It comes only by the grace of God. It requires a direct dispensation from Heaven to become a walker. You must be born into the family of the Walkers. Ambulator nascitur, non fit.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)