Governors of Kauai

Governors Of Kauai

The Governor of Kauaʻi (Hawaiian: Kiaʻaina o Kauaʻi) was the royal governor or viceroy of the island of Kauaʻi and island of Niʻihau during the Kingdom of Hawaii. The Governor of Kauaʻi was usually a Hawaiian chief or prince and could even be a woman. The Governor had authority over the islands of Kauaʻi and Niʻihau, and it was up to the governor to appoint lieutanant governors to assisted them. The governor had replaced the old alii aimokus of the islands, but the sovereignty remained with the king. The first governor was the last king of, Kaumualiʻi and it was not until his death in 1824 that Queen Kaʻahumanu and King Kamehameha II took control from his sons.

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Governors Of Kauai - List of Governor of Kauaʻi
... Monarch Vassal ruled by ex-King Kaumualiʻi of Kauai from 1810 to September 16, 1821. 14 ... Kamehameha III 4 Emelia Keaweamahi April 4 or 10, 1839 circa 3 ... Governor Kaikioʻewa's widow Kamehameha III 5 Anna Keahikuni i Kekauʻōnohi circa ...

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