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The Lord's Prayer in Gothic:
Gothic English
(literal translation)
Atta unsar þu in himinam Our father, thou in heaven,
weihnai namo þein holy be thy name.
qimai þiudinassus þeins Thy kingdom come,
wairþai wilja þeins thy will be done,
swe in himina jah ana airþai. as in heaven also on earth.
hlaif unsarana þana sinteinan gif uns himma daga Our bread (loaf), the everyday, give us this day,
jah aflet uns þatei skulans sijaima And forgive us, who are in debt,
swaswe jah weis afletam þaim skulam unsaraim As we also forgive our debtors.
jah ni briggais uns in fraistubnjai And do not bring us into temptation,
ak lausei uns af þamma ubilin But free us from the evil (one).
unte þeina ist þiudangardi jah mahts For thine is the kingdom and the might
jah wulþus in aiwins. And glory in eternity.

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