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Homo Erectus

An album that was released January 1, 2006. A spare CD was included for the earliest buyers. The cover depicts Yuri Gagarin, and there are two songs who refer to him. On the 2nd Cd are 2 hidden tracks; the first is 'Ria' and the second is a song by Jan de Wilde which was written by Luc De Vos, called 'Wij houden stand' (Eng: We are making a stand, or We are holding on).


  1. Adem in en uit
  2. Joerie
  3. Morse
  4. Sneller dan Joerie
  5. Homo erectus
  6. De zomer van de liefde
  7. In de wolken
  8. Een nieuw seizoen
  9. Een bekend verhaal
  10. Wees eens stil jongens
  11. Winternacht
  12. Mijn oude hart
  • Joerie
  • De zomer van de liefde (B-side: remix from Zaki De Waele)

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