Google Platform

Google Platform

The original hardware (circa 1998) that was used by Google when it was located at Stanford University included:

  • Sun Ultra II with dual 200 MHz processors, and 256 MB of RAM. This was the main machine for the original Backrub system.
  • 2 × 300 MHz Dual Pentium II Servers donated by Intel, they included 512 MB of RAM and 10 × 9 GB hard drives between the two. It was on these that the main search ran.
  • F50 IBM RS/6000 donated by IBM, included 4 processors, 512 MB of memory and 8 × 9 GB hard drives.
  • Two additional boxes included 3 × 9 GB hard drives and 6 x 4 GB hard drives respectively (the original storage for Backrub). These were attached to the Sun Ultra II.
  • IBM disk expansion box with another 8 × 9 GB hard drives donated by IBM.
  • Homemade disk box which contained 10 × 9 GB SCSI hard drive.

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