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Official Google Groups

Google has created several official help groups for some of its services, such as Gmail. In these groups, users can ask and answer questions about the relevant Google service. Each official group has a Google representative who occasionally responds to queries. Google representatives always have a blue G symbol in their nicknames.

Some official groups include:

  • Google Groups Help Forum: was an official Google Groups help group until August 2, 2010, when it was archived (made read-only). To send feedback see the Google Groups Product Ideas below.
  • Google Page Creator Discussion Group: an official Google Page Creator help group.

In addition to the Groups, and Forums (see below), Google also now has Product Ideas for giving feedback for some of their products including the Google Groups New Preview UI:

  • Google Groups Product Ideas: For feedback on the New Preview UI.

From 2012

  • Google Groups Help Forum

Google also uses Google Groups to host their Google Friends and Google Page Creator Updates mailing lists, which are announcement-only groups where only moderators can post.

There are also help forums, which appear to have different functionality from Google Groups:

  • Gmail Help Forum: an official Gmail help forum.
  • Google Talk Help Forum: an official Google Talk help forum.
  • Google Base Help Forum: an official Google Base help forum.
  • Google Web Search Help Forum: an official Google search help forum.
  • Google Webmaster Help Forum: an official help forum for webmasters.
  • AdWords Help Forum: an official Google AdWords help forum.
  • Google Maps Forum: an official Google Maps help forum.
  • Orkut Forum: an official Orkut help forum.

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