Googam is a fictional character and that appears in the Marvel Universe. Googam first appeared in Tales of Suspense vol. 1, #17 (May 1961).

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Goom - Fictional Character Biography
... and returned to his home planet by other aliens from Planet X, but his son Googam soon followed in his father's footsteps ... Goom vanished afterwards, leaving his son Googam alone on Earth ... The microscopic dictator Tim Boo Baa took advantage of Googam's search for his father to manipulate Googam into bringing him to Earth, where he was defeated by Googam's allies ...
Googam - Abilities
... Googam has increased strength, telekinesis, and the ability to affect the size of others. ...
List Of Marvel Comics Golden Age Characters - Characters - 1960s (Pre-Fantastic Four #1)
... compactor became chef at the Baxter Building restaurant helped Elektro, Googam, and Gorgilla defeat Tim Boo Ba ... Googam - an extraterrestrial and former member of the Fin Fang Four son of Goom but was left behind when Goom was taken away by others from Planet X ... compactor and became a janitor at the Baxter Building helped Elektro, Fin Fang Foom, and Googam defeat Tim Boo Ba ...