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Social Issues

Social issues associated with oceanway investment include equity, disability and CPTED. As city's grow, the value of coastal property increases and fewer people can afford to live near the beach. As cities grow even larger the carparks along the beach start to overflow and roads leading to coastal areas become increasingly congested.

One growth model is just to keep expanding the size of carparks whenever they get full, leading to concern about 'paving paradise' as expressed in the song "Big Yellow Taxi".

Another growth model is that beach experiences become increasingly enjoyed by only richer people as the average person cannot afford to overcome the congestion and property value barriers of visiting the beaches as a regular part of their lifestyle. Often local resident groups oppose investment that attracts additional people to visit 'their' beach (known as fortress coast attitudes). Due to local opposition, its often necessary for a brave politician to champion the cause before a commitment is made to invest into higher capacity foreshore areas. An example is Jim Soorley who championed the cause of the Riverwalk for Brisbane.

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