Goethe Basin

Goethe Basin is a 383 km diameter impact basin at 78.5° N, 44.5° W on Mercury. It is named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Borealis Quadrangle - Structure
... with a nearby but unphotographed impact basin ... crust, following excavation of very large multiring impact basins such as the one postulated under Borealis Planitia (Boyce and Grolier, 1977), were not unambiguously ... On the other hand, the wrinklelike sinuous ridge along the northeast border of the Goethe Basin, together with the outward-facing concentric scarps along its periphery, may ...
Goethe Basin - About
... It was not listed as an impact basin by Wood and Head because they considered the Mariner 10 photography too poor to confirm basin structures ... most workers, beginning with Murray and others, have identified it as a basin ... Goethe is bounded on its north and east sides by a gently sloping wall and discontinuous, low, hummocky rim material that may consist of ejecta deposits ...
Borealis Quadrangle - Geologic History
1) accretion and differentiation (2) terminal bombardment (3) formation of the Caloris Basin (4) flooding of that basin and other areas and (5) light cratering ... was emplaced over a long period that extended past the creation of the Goethe Basin and many smaller basins and craters ... smooth plains material in the interior of the Goethe Basin are indicative of an original basin floor much modified by cratering and emplacement of intercrater ...

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