Godianism - Violence and Non-violence

Violence and Non-violence

The religion of Godianism believes in one part that the response to a threat is usually violent and that it is part of man, by nature, on the principle of self-preservation. To say that non-violence in a violent human society, in which society is ranged against man, oppression against freedom and repression against life itself, is to Godianism a clamor which does not accord with the fact of human nature and the law of self-preservation. Godianism teaches that man has the right to return violence when given violence, but it is not okay to be the one who provoked the violence. Godianism also believes that the human life is sacred and that it should not be destroyed under any circumstances.

According to Godianism, the only way to non-violence is to reconstruct human society in the various fronts of human interactions into systems that conduce to harmonious relationship among men—into systems that do not expose man to any sense of insecurity or social injustice to stimulate the violence which is part of his nature dormant in the meantime.

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