Hlushko or Glushko (Ukrainian: Глушко) is a Ukrainian surname, that may refer to :

  • Glushko (crater), a young impact crater on the Moon
  • Julia Glushko (born 1990), a right-handed Israeli tennis player
  • Valentin Glushko (1908-1989), a Soviet engineer
  • Yuri Hlushko-Mova (1882-1942), a Ukrainian public and political figure
  • 6357 Glushko, a Main-belt Asteroid

Other articles related to "glushko":

Glushko (crater)
... Glushko is a young impact crater on the Moon attached to the western rim of the crater Olbers ... Glushko possesses a relatively high albedo and is the focus of a prominent ray system that extends in all directions across the nearby surface ...
Space Race (TV Series) - Inaccuracies and Errors - Unconfirmed Statements
... out multiple times that Korolev was denounced by Glushko ... Glushko had been imprisoned himself before Korolev was arrested and had been sentenced to eight years in a prison camp “for participating in sabotage ... In 1942, at Glushko’s request, NKVD transferred Korolev from another prison to Glushko’s OKB ...
Sergei Korolev - Imprisonment
... by the NKVD after being denounced by Ivan Kleymenov, Georgy Langemak, and Valentin Glushko ... Korolev later learned that he had been denounced by Glushko, and this may have been the cause of the lifelong animosity between the two men ... Glushko and Korolev had reportedly been denounced by Andrei Kostikov, who became the head of RNII after its leadership was arrested (Kostikov was ousted a few years later over accusations of budget ...
N1 (rocket) - History - Moon Missions
... To power the new design, Valentin Glushko, who then held a near-monopoly on rocket engine design in the Soviet Union, proposed a new engine, the RD-270, running on ... reducing the complexity of the combustion system), and was widely used in Glushko's existing engine designs used on various ICBMs ... Glushko pointed out that the US Titan rockets used to launch Gemini spacecraft also used identical propellants so these concerns were unwarranted ...