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AAEM alkali anion exchange membrane
AC alternating current
AFC alkaline fuel cell
ATR autothermal reforming
APU auxiliary power unit
BASE beta-alumina solid electrolyte
BOP balance of plant
BTU British thermal unit
°C celsius
C carbon
C coulomb
ca. or c. circa
CGH2 compressed hydrogen
CH4 methane
CH3CH2OH ethanol
CH3OH methanol
CHP combined heat and power
CI chloride ion
CNG compressed natural gas
CNT carbon nanotube
CO2 carbon dioxide
CO carbon monoxide
CPOX catalytic partial oxidation
CPS continuous power supply
DBFC direct borohydride fuel cell
DC direct current
DCFC direct carbon fuel cell
DEFC direct-ethanol fuel cell
DER distributed energy resource
DFAFC formic acid fuel cell
DMFC direct methanol fuel cell
E0 standard electrode potential
EBOP electrical balance of plant
EGFC electro-galvanic fuel cell
EOF electroosmotic flow
EOP electroosmotic pump
°F fahrenheit
FB flow battery
FC fuel cell
FGD flue-gas desulfurization
FMEA failure mode and effects analysis
FPS fuel processing system
GDC gadolinium doped ceria
GEG gasoline-equivalent gallon
GGE gasoline gallon equivalent
GHSV gas hourly space velocity (see space velocity)
H2 hydrogen
H2O water
HC hydrocarbon
HCDP hydrocarbon dew point
HCOOH formic acid
HDP hydrocarbon dew point
HDS hydrodesulfurization
HEV hybrid electric vehicle
HHV higher heating value
HTS high temperature shift
ICE internal combustion engine
IMFC indirect methanol fuel cell
KG kilogram
KOH potassium hydroxide
kW kilowatt
kWh kilowatt hour
kW/kg Kilowatts per kilogram
kW/m3 Kilowatts per cubic meter
kW/sq.m Kilowatts per square meter
LCA life cycle assessment
LDH layered double hydroxide
LEL lower explosive limit
LFG landfill gas
LFL lower flammable limit
LH2 liquid hydrogen
LHSV liquid hourly space velocity (see space velocity)
LHV lower heating value
LNG liquefied natural gas
LOD limit of detection
LPG liquefied petroleum gas
LSM lanthanum strontium manganite
LTS low temperature shift
MAF mass flow sensor
MAOP maximum allowable operating pressure
MBOP mechanical balance of plant
MCFC molten-carbonate fuel cell
mCHP micro combined heat and power
MDT mean down time
MEA membrane electrode assembly
MeOH methanol
MFC microbial fuel cell
mm millimeter
MPGe miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent
MRO maintenance, repair and operations
MSR methanol steam reforming
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBO mean time between outages
MW megawatt
mW milliwatt
N2 nitrogen
NEG net energy gain
NOx nitrogen oxide
O oxygen
OCV open-circuit voltage
OEM original equipment manufacturer
Pa pascal
PAFC phosphoric acid fuel cell
PBI polybenzimidazole fiber
PCFC protonic ceramic fuel cell
Pd palladium
p.d. potential difference
PEC photoelectrochemical cell
PEDOT poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
PEDT poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
PEFC polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
PEM polymer electrolyte membrane or proton exchange membrane
PEMFC polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell or proton exchange membrane fuel cell
PM particulate matter
POX partial oxidation
ppm parts per million
ppmv parts per million volume
PROX preferential oxidation
PRV pressure relief valve
PSA pressure swing adsorption
PSU power supply unit
Pt platinum
PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
Pv power density
Re reynolds number
RESS rechargeable energy storage system
RFC reversible fuel cell
RMFC reformed methanol fuel cell
RWGS reversed water-gas shift reaction
s/c short circuit or steam to carbon ratio (carbon = hydrocarbon used for SR)
SFC standard cubic foot or sometimes solid oxide fuel cell
SMPS switched-mode power supply
SMR steam methane reforming
SOEC solid oxide electrolyser cell
SOFC solid oxide fuel cell
SR steam reforming
TA technology assessment
TGC tail-gas combustor
TOF turnover frequency
TOS time on stream (also T.O.S)
TPB triple-phase boundary
TPE thermoplastic elastomers
TPOX thermal partial oxidation
TRL technology readiness level
UEL upper explosive limit
UPS uninterruptible power supply
URFC unitized regenerative fuel cell
VHC volumetric heat capacity
VLE vapor–liquid equilibrium
W watt
WGS water–gas shift reaction
WHSV weight hourly space velocity (see space velocity)
Wt.% weight percent
YSZ yttria-stabilized zirconia
ZnO zinc oxide

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