Global Film Initiative - Global Lens 2005

Global Lens 2005

  • Buffalo Boy by Nguyen-Vô Nghiem-Minh, Vietnam, 2004
  • Daughter of Keltoum (La Fille de Keltoum) by Mehdi Charef, Algeria, 2001
  • Fuse (Gori Vatra) by Pjer Zalica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2003
  • Hollow City (Na Cidade Vazia) by Maria João Ganga, Angola, 2004
  • Kabala by Assane Kouyaté, Mali, 2002
  • Lili's Apron (El Delantal de Lili) by Mariano Galperin, Argentina, 2004
  • Uniform by Diao Yinan, China, 2003
  • What's a Human Anyway by Reha Erdem, Turkey, 2004
  • Whisky by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, Uruguay, 2004
  • Today and Tomorrow (Hoy y Mañana) by Alejandro Chomski, Argentina, 2003

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