Glen Donnelly - Storylines - 1990–92


Glen turns up in Ramsay Street to see Jim and he reveals that he is his son. Jim is shocked and Glen realises that Jim had never been aware he existed. Jim wants to get to know Glen better and invites him to move in. Glen finds it difficult to fit in at first. Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy), Jim's mother-in-law, was shocked to learn about Jim's affair, but she gradually began to look on Glen as part of the family. Julie (Julie Mullins) and Scott (Jason Donovan) accept Glen, but Paul refuses to and he and Glen fail to get on. Lucy was away at boarding school and she returns home before Jim tells her the truth about Glen. Lucy is attracted to Glen after she arrives home and finds him wearing nothing, but a bath towel. Glen is also attracted to Lucy, but he knows that she is his half-sister and he refuses to let anything happen. Jim tells Lucy about Glen, but they still end up kissing. Both of them realise what they were doing is wrong and stop things before they develop any further.

Glen get a job as a barman at The Waterhole pub. Glen preferred working outdoors and he became a labourer with Doug Willis' (Terence Donovan) construction firm. Glen has a brief romance with Gemma Ramsay (Beth Buchanan). Karen Constintine (Fiona Jarvis) shows up in Erinsborough and reveals that she is pregnant with Glen's child. Glen is shocked, but resolves to do the right thing and he and Karen become engaged. During their wedding, Karen confesses that Glen is not the father of her baby and leaves.

Glen then began dating Gaby Willis (Rachel Blakely) after she comforts him on the anniversary of his mother's death. After a brief split, Glen proposes to Gaby who accepts. Just as the wedding plans were getting started, Glen fell from the roof of Lassiter's Hotel while trying to fix a banner for Paul. Glen is paralysed from the waist down, which devastates him. Feeling like he is a burden, he begins to reject Gaby's support.

Paul begins acting differently towards Glen and Glen realises that Paul is terrified he is going to be sued. Glen initially wants nothing from Paul other than his medical expenses paid for. However, when Paul attempts to get Glen to sign a document wavering his rights to sue his company, Glen decides to sue Paul for a large amount of money. Glen finds himself alienated by his family. Karen returns, with her daughter, when she hears of Glen's accident. Glen turns to her for support and falls in love with her again. Glen secretly agrees to take an out-of-court settlement from Paul and he flees Erinsborough with Karen. Jim and Gaby search for Glen, but they never find him.

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