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Glen biggest storyline was his incestuous relationship with his half-sister Lucy (Melissa Bell). This was Neighbours' first incest storyline. Neither Lucy or Glen were aware that they were related after he arrived in Ramsay Street and before she returned home from boarding school. When Glen and Lucy meet they are "unable to deny the attraction between them". Glen and Lucy kiss and they are discovered in a compromising situation that angers their father, Jim. Of the storyline Huggett said "The story of Glen's and Lucy's growing feelings for one another might seem pretty audacious, but I think it works because it has been handled sensitively. It was a great acting challenge." He added that incest was a brave subject for Neighbours, a family show, to tackle and that he was surprised about the reaction it caused. Viewers in Australia called Network Ten to complain about the storyline, which was branded a "scandal" and "one of television soaps' most daring encounters". Scenes showing the relationship were edited out and cut by the BBC in their UK airing. The scenes were later shown uncut in repeats on UK Gold.

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