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Hot Fuss - Track Listing
... "Everything Will Be Alright" Flowers 545 UK edition "Glamorous Indie Rock Roll" replaces "Change Your Mind" as Track 8 on the UK and Australian editions of Hot Fuss ... Vinyl edition "Glamorous Indie Rock Roll" was appended onto the end of the album ... European edition "Glamorous Indie Rock Roll" and the video of "Somebody Told Me" are featured as bonus tracks ...
Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
... "Glamorous Indie Rock Roll" is a song from The Killers' album Hot Fuss US limited edition version and in the UK and Australia, where it replaces "Change Your Mind" ... least favorite Killers song, and he "wants to crawl under a rock" when he hears the song ... The following day, The Killers opened with "Glamorous Indie Rock Roll" during their headlining act at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London ...

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    Never before since Jamestown and Plymouth Rock has our American civilization been in such danger as now.... [The Nazis] have made it clear that not only do they intend to dominate all life and thought in their own country, but also to enslave the whole of Europe, and then to use the resources of Europe to dominate the rest of the world.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)

    Smoking ... is downright dangerous. Most people who smoke will eventually contract a fatal disease and die. But they don’t brag about it, do they? Most people who ski, play professional football or drive race cars, will not die—at least not in the act—and yet they are the ones with the glamorous images, the expensive equipment and the mythic proportions. Why this should be I cannot say, unless it is simply that the average American does not know a daredevil when he sees one.
    Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950)