Giuni Russo - Biography - 1970s


In the 1970s, Russo began with several participations as chorist for many artist's publications. In 1972 she sang in the choirs of Balletto di Bronzo's Ys.

In 1974 she signed a contract for the German label "BASF", which gave her the pseudonym of Junie Russo. The following year her first LP, Love is a woman (sung in English) was released. In this period she also collaborated with Sisini as songwriter for other authors. Meanwhile, many singles were published such as Everything is gonna be alright a cover by Bob Marley. The last single recorded as Junie Russo, Mai, was released in 1976 for the Durium.

In the meantime, Giuni and Maria Antonietta were appreciated as music composers for other artist's songs.

In the 1978, she was renamed Giuni Russo and recorded a single with Wea, Soli Noi, surprisingly hitting the French market, opening Giuni to new interesting prospects. Unsure about leaving Italy for good, Giuni sadly decided to go back to Italy, a lucky choice,

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