Gerry Hannan

Gerry Hannan (born 2 June 1959) is a Limerick-based broadcaster and author. Best known for his criticism of fellow Limerick author, Frank McCourt, on The Late Late Show. Hannan claimed McCourt's Angela's Ashes was riddled with no less than 117 inaccuracies. In response to Frank McCourt's books Angela's Ashes and 'Tis he wrote Ashes and Tis up me ass.

Radio Limerick One which is popular among the over-nineties. Hannan won just 65 first preferences (1.58% of total) in a failed bid for Limerick City Council in 1999,

HE is currently in Mary Immaculate College, acting the eejit for a few laughs.

His main campaign issue in the European Elections is reform of the airwave regulator Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, with whom his radio station has been battling since its licence was withdrawn seven years ago due to the unspeakable crappiness of his output. His other campaign priority is to improve Limerick's public image, mainly by withdrawing from public view.


He is manager/broadcaster on Radio Limerick One.

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